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The Team

Gurmakh Randhawa

Gurmakh Randhawa, a chartered accountant, has worked for the past 8 years at KPMG, Thomson Reuters and Credit Suisse, where he has gained significant experience in financial modelling and analysis.
During this period, he has been strenuously studying and analysing the London and Home Counties property market which has given him extensive market knowledge. This, coupled with his financial experience, has provided him with the necessary skill set to successfully execute the delivery of any given project.
Within a relatively short period, he has already acquired a number of key sites which has provided the necessary platform for the company’s growth and expansion.

Sukhwant Randhawa

Sukhwant Randhawa, an Engineer, has extensive experience and knowledge, acquired over 30 years, in the field of Planning and Design, Building Control, Structural Engineering and Site Management, with sub-structure being his strength. After an extended sabbatical leave he will be joining Gurmakh full time.